VTC 2001 Grand Slam Play Off Results

Last Update November 7, 2001

Grand Slam Championship 'Play Off' 2001 Results

(Next Tournament Feb 1-3, 2002)

The following are the results of Grand Slam Championship held Nov 3-5, 2000 for Men's Singles, Women Singles, Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles for Vancouver Tennis Center Grand Slam Competition.

2001 Final: The playoffs are complete! VTC's second Grand Slam Championship was played at VTC on November 2-4, 2001 to determine the best players in the Greater Vancouver-Portland area in each level of play, from 3.0 to open, and each event - singles, doubles and mixed doubles. The players and teams were invited to play in this Championship based on their performance in the qualifying Grand Slam tournaments held during the 2000-2001 season.

2002 Season: The 2002 VTC Grand Slam tournaments are now in progress! The first tournament was held Sept/Oct 2001. Grand Slam Tournaments will also be held in Feb, June and Sept of 2002 with the playoffs in November. The rules are simple achieve 105 points (See rules and information) by playing in at least two of the four qualifying Grand Slam tournaments and you are in!. Remember that you will be playing at your own level. The competition is fast and furious, but always fun! This year's tournaments will be better than ever, so don't miss this unique opportunity to show off your tennis skills!


Men's 2001 Singles GS Playoff Results







Men Open Single

Toby McElravey

Tyler Blomdahl

Men 4.5 Single

Ted Stark

Steve Anast

Men 4.0 Single

Ashley Elliott

Thomas King

Men 3.5 Single

Russ Martinelli

John Bard

Men 3.0 Single

Andrew Hurlocker

Paul Haller


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Women's 2001 Singles GS Playoff Results







 Women Open Single



Women 4.5 Single

Robbie Sugich

Lynn Annett

Women 4.0 Single

Dee Karch

Jennifer Bard

Women 3.5 Single

Katrina Helies

Debbie Papadopoulos

Women 3.0 Single

Stacy Ison

Susan Sporre


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Men's 2001 doubles GS Playoff Results







Men Open Doubles

Toby McElravey
Julian Evola

Jimmy Martin
Dwayne Tyner

Men 4.5 Doubles

Ted Stark
Bill Jackson

Greg Conn
Tom Boyd

Men 4.0 Doubles

Jeff Hanks
Woody Howard

Tim Brink
Kelly Robertson

Men 3.5 Doubles

John Hempstead
John Siedlitz

Glenn Strecker
Doug Youngman

Men 3.0 Doubles

Bruce Murry
Dave Teller

Steven Keo
Thovane Solivan



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Women's 2001 doubles GS Playoff Results







Women 4.5 Doubles

Bonnie Elliott
Krista Helm

Kumi Talmage
Monica Kowalewski

Women 4.0 Doubles

Lynne Annett
Becky Kopecky

Gail Anderson
Meer Yound Kang

Women 3.5 Doubles

Martha Church
Lesli Peters

Joyce Liu
Yami Yamazaki

Women 3.0 Doubles

Stacy Ison
Sherryn Walker

Jennifer Heinrich
Jennifer Olson


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Mixed 2001 Doubles GS Playoff Results







Mixed Open Doubles

Quang Pham
Kumi Talmage

Mike Yee
Rochelle Keeler

Mixed 4.5 Doubles

Greg Conn
Linda Conn

Vilath Oudomphong
Noriko Satake

Mixed 4.0 Doubles

Rich Taylor
Donna Yamashita

Mark Ray
Terri Hall

Mixed 3.5 Doubles

Glenn Strecker
Meidana Pursifull

Robert Hair
Karen Gerken

Mixed 3.0 Doubles

Dave Zielinski
Babette Zielinski

John Connelly
Cindy Connelly


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